About Lucy

"I am passionate about facilitating effective and meaningful change for gender equality and women's empowerment. After 15 years of post-doctoral work experience with a range of UN entities, private sector companies, NGOs and universities, I have a thorough understanding of what works and what does not work"

In 2023, I established Fabulous Feminists to support like-minded practitioners around the world to work collectively toward feminist futures. I believe in a feminist future which is intersectional, critical, reflexive, anti-racist and grounded in an understanding of the material basis of inequalities. I invite you to join us on our Fabulous Feminist journey of adventure, curiosity, learning from each other and – above all – friendship.


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In Action

Watch Lucy discussing the importance of feminist pedagogies for gender equality, ITC-ILO Gender Academy

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Hear Lucy talking about the importance of quality in the practice of gender equality, diversity and inclusion

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