We equip gender specialists in two ways:

Enhancing your skills and knowledge on key gender equality issues and supporting you to drive meaningful feminist change in your organisation.

Through training, facilitation and knowledge exchange, change agents such as gender focal points become more confident in their work, and better placed to implement change towards feminist futures.

By working with us, feminist change agents are better equipped to deal with persistent challenges – like resistances to gender equality; and obstacles to meaningful change.

Everyone who participates in our activities will be invited to join the Fabulous Feminists network. We provide extensive follow-up, including mutual learning sessions and membership of an active peer network of change agents via our learning management system.

Fabulous Feminists Programmes

Career mentoring with Lucy

One-to-one mentoring session with Lucy specifically tailored to your current needs

Applied Theatre for Gender Equality
(Level 2)

Intensive virtual course exploring applied theatre for enhancing practice, with Aanchal Jain 

Fabulous Feminists Network

 Become a member of the Fabulous Feminists Network. Sign up for exclusive benefits such as online discussions and regular peer exchange.  

Packages also available on request, combining various products and services. Please get in touch to discuss.

“Meaningful change requires organisations to look both inward and outward. My courses and mentoring for feminist change agents include gender mainstreaming at the operational and programmatic level.
I am always searching for new methodologies and approaches for maximizing the effectiveness of our work. Participants learn how to use techniques for challenging blockages and developing new ways of thinking and behaving within institutions.”

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What are the main categories of resistances to gender  equality?

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“Lucy Ferguson, Gender Equality Academy, on Dealing with Resistances”, ACT Project


“Toolkit: Resistances to structural change in gender equality”, Lucy Ferguson and Lut Mergaert/SUPERA 2022
“This Is Our Gender Person”: THE MESSY BUSINESS OF WORKING AS A GENDER EXPERT IN INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT, International feminist journal of politics, 2015
“The Politics of Feminist Knowledge Transfer: Gender Training and Gender Expertise”, Palgrave 2016

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